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    Proposal Timeline

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    Design, Coding, Testing

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A steady, reliable stream of information is the heartbeat of a successful business. Our mandate is to create custom, user-friendly software systems that work seamlessly with your processes. Whether you use Linux, Mac, Windows or any other software system, Anderson Technologies can provide custom solutions that will streamline everything…all the way to the bottom line.

Through careful on-site analysis of your company’s workflows and face-to-face conversation with the people who operate within those workflows, our software engineers identify the areas that cause disrupt. Then we fix them either by updating your current software or by creating from scratch a new custom software solution.

Proposal Timeline

After our software engineers have met with you and fully understand your processes and your needs, we develop a fully comprehensive proposal that has one goal in mind: fix the problems. Your personalized proposal includes a realistic development and implementation timeline that might look something like this:

  • January 1 – (initial meeting)
  • January 8 – (design application, coding, back-end development, front-end development, testing)
  • January 15 – (integration)
  • January 22 – (completion)



The design of your solution is based on a number of variables – always with one issue in mind: fix the problems. We can work within your current operating systems and hardware, whether you use Linux, Mac, Windows or any other software system. If desired, we can also recommend hardware upgrades so your company is armed with the latest in efficiency.

Code + Testing

As we actually put your problems to paper, we devise the new application, code it, then develop it for back-end and front-end use. The good news is that those who utilize your new software never have to worry about any of this behind-the-scenes work. We do it all, we do it correctly, and we communicate it to you in ways that are easy to understand and easy to implement.


Resistance to change is a part of the human condition. Our software engineers at Anderson Technology are human too. We understand that change needs to be integrated at a reasonable pace that considers everyone’s comfort level.

When we implement the changes to your technology systems, we take the time to make sure that we’ve clearly communicated all the how-tos, and we make sure that everyone involved with the new systems thoroughly understands how they work. We only consider our job complete when everyone in your company feels confident with the new solutions.


At Anderson Technology, we consider the job complete when our clients consider it complete. For the vast majority of our clients, whether mom & pop, multi-national or global, the satisfaction rating is quite high. In fact, a huge chunk of our business comes through referral. Take a look at our testimonials.

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