In addition to custom software development, Anderson Technology Group has independently identified and created a number of programs that we offer as a Software-as-a-Service.

With a deep background in the medical field, we created the Assist Systems family of software: Chronic Assist, Oncology Assist, Therapist Assist, Mental Health Assist, Case Management Assist, and Wellness Assist. Each of our Assist software offerings integrate medical and mental health into the provider/patient interactions.

Anderson Technology is committed to giving. To support that, we have created a software specifically for the nonprofit/not-for-profit community. Keep Your Seat is a event software designed to maximize giving by coordinating Silent Auctions, Living Auctions, fundraising games (Heads or Tails, Blinky Rings), ticketing, table management, check in, donations, and check out. All of this can be done thru a live event or a virtual event.