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The Flintstones Become The Jetsons

With three locations spread across two states, this service company was well aware that it was time to manage its growth rather than have the growth manage the company.

When the company first contacted Anderson Technology, almost all the quoting, customer management and documentation was done on paper. The tip-toeing into electronic management went only as far as keeping track of work order numbers through emailing spreadsheets from office to office as new numbers were added. That process, of course, allowed for human error. Too, the company had a simple website that displayed previous work and featured a “click here for a quote” request section. In a world that operates on desktops, laptops and mobile devices, these systems were simply antiquated, and the company knew it would be left behind if it didn’t join the information age.

Because the company had no existing systems in place, we did a workflow evaluation across the entire company. We discussed all of the processes for management, accounts receivable, accounts payable and service functions. The wheels for success were set in motion.

We designed a new system from the ground up, based primarily on the existing hosting situation, which the customer could not change. The system was a Linux server running Apache Web Server with PHP and MySQL Database Server.

The first step was to create a data structure to hold all quote information, including all statuses, notes and work order information. The quote request function was upgraded from being a simple email capturing device to being a fully comprehensive creation point for the entire quote system. The new quote system allowed the tracking of a quote from the request to the design to the hardware ordering to the scheduling and finally to the payment at the job’s completion.

The work order numbering system went from being a complicated and error prone system of hoping they would remember to email Excel spreadsheets to being completely automatic. Where three or four people had previously been needed to manage the ordering and receiving of hardware, the new system created reports that allowed one person to easily manage these aspects of the business. Under the newly designed system, vendor responsiveness and prices could be tracked over time to allow for accountability and adjustment. Quickbooks Online integration was just the icing on the cake.

The company is now proud to say that staff stress levels have gone down and accuracy and productivity has gone up.

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