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eCommerce Evolution

With diverse customer needs, the eCommerce business must be acutely aware of ease-of-use issues in the highly competitive marketplace that is the web.

When the company we’ll call eComm first came to us, they had an existing but very simple eCommerce website. Ready to take things to the next levels, they wanted to upgrade the system and add extensive back-end management to the site, including some highly customized shipping options.

As is the case with all our clients, we evaluated eComm’s needs and delivered an honest, well-researched set of recommendations to them. Through researching several customizable off-the-shelf eCommerce solutions, it was determined that we could install, set up, customize and configure one of those solutions with all the required upgrades – all within the client’s budget.


The new enhancements upgraded the cart system, built special product selection screens and created a multi-shipping system that allows carts to split so that merchandise can be shipped to multiple addresses. Additionally, many back-end functions such as reports and specialized packing slips were created within that same system.

Following a successful launch, eComm understands more and more the value of continuous upgrades to their system. With new specialized products being added, new product selection processes must be added as well, and eComm eagerly looks forward to that kind of upgrade.

Additionally, integration with Constant Contact was added for effortless email marketing. Integration with UPS systems has also been established via information exporting.

eComm is now among the list of satisfied Anderson Technology clients who continue to seek our expertise for purposeful evolution.

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